Some Bouquets

These endorsements don’t refer to this WordPress theme, they are offered here purely to indicate the commitment to superb customer service and technical proficiency: This is the work ethic embroidered into each line of code behind the Revolution Mind Portfolio theme.

Some of the people quoted here have been trusting their online web presence to David and Revolution Mind for ten years and more!

“David Ambrose is ‘My Web Guy’ because he not only knows how to build a very well designed site, he has that extra quality of knowing and understanding the important ingredients of how to market and promote a site and the person behind the site.

David has been more than a web designer, he’s been a marketing consultant and internet specialist that I’ve turned to on many occasions to get valuable guidance and advice on how to best utilize my internet-based businesses.

The point is, David keeps current on the technology of the internet so I can focus on my core business. I highly recommend David for his expertise and how easy it is to work with him.”

~ Peter Lambrou, Ph.D. San Diego, CA

“If you’re looking for someone who knows how to design web sites in a way that makes them make you money – then get in touch with David Ambrose.

He does an excellent job of integrating the ‘technology aspects’ into your web sites so you can focus on coming up and implementing your money-making ideas”

~ Scott Bywater, author of Cashflow Advertising

“David is as much a business consultant as a web designer. He (being an author as well) connects to my work naturally, is kind, patient, clever, and has helped me expand my business via the internet/e-marketing in ways I could have never executed on my own.

I am very fortunate to have him as a partner.”

~ Michelle Payton, Ph.D., NC

“… it all looks outstanding. You have done an amazing job and you are a very reliable professional. I am so pleased that I have known you. You never cease to impress me with your work.”

~ George Tohme R.Ph., Texas

“Well done David, this is brilliant.”

~ John Savage, U.K.

“I forgot to tell you. You’re the best! I like working with you”

~ Marilyn Gordon, California

“It is perfect and amazing that you were able to figure out the problem. Thank you again and send us the bill!!!”

~ Mimi Nila, California

“Working with David was and continues to be an experience that I look forward to.

David’s broad insight into matters of web design and web presence, and his knowledge of information marketing and business affairs have all been powerful resources for me. It excites me to work with and support good people, and I emphatically recommend him to anyone considering his services. Thanks David!!”

~ Benny Ferguson,
The Diamond Mind Approach

“David Ambrose is a Fantastic Webmaster – I have worked with David for a few years and I am extremely pleased with his Creative Abilities and Intuitive Sense of Style.

He has taken my Vision, several times and Brilliantly brought it to Life on my webpage. David has always made me feel important and worthy of his attention, even though I am not his biggest client and for that I am truly Grateful.

Whenever I needed updates or changes to my page – he is always prompt to make the changes or in contact with me to tell me when it would be completed.

His advice has always been supportive and directed to my needs and the results speak for themselves. I would highly recommend David for any and all of your webpage needs – for his Integrity and Creative Abilities are Clearly Present in All of his Creations!”

~ Golden Hawk, Radio Host

Some People wanted to add
more to their comments above…

“David is an extraordinarily special human being; he represents the best of several worlds. He’s a brilliant tech person. He knows his stuff – from coding to internet marketing to web graphics to membership sites. But that’s not all.

He is level-headed, kind, diplomatic, dependable and more. And there’s more: he’s humanistic, and he understands people and how to be of service to them. David and I have been working together for going on ten years, and he’s a significant part of my world.

If you’re looking for someone you can depend on, who is trustworthy, brilliant and eminently competent – that’s David. I’d give him and A++.”

“This is a great service which David offers. He is super-quick, and super-affordable, and the finished job is simply perfect. Don’t bother shopping around, because David’s service is second to none. I can highly recommend him”

~ John Charles, Musician

“David provided “Extreme” support to us at in the fact that on Christmas Eve our site went down and with no one else to call on for a Wishlist Member problem David came to the rescue.

He fixed a major problem! He is professional, expedient and will follow a problem to the very end to make sure the customer is more than 100% satisfied.

We also had him configure our Wishlist membership site in the beginning and he was able to walk us through how it worked and make sure we were on our way to success with Wishlist working perfectly. He is very knowledgeable in Wishlist. I highly recommend David to anyone building or starting to build a website, you should call him FIRST so your site is done the right way..!

Thank you, David, we look forward to working with you in the future.!”

“David has been a partner and co-creator on my businesses (consumer and business-to-business) for ten years plus. David has coached me to work with autoresponders, shopping carts, and make simple changes to my sites so that I can save a few dollars here and there (sometimes to his demise as he has had to fix some of my silly mistakes).

My business wouldn’t be the same without his expertise, patience, sense of humor, and strategic advice. ”

“I have been working with David Ambrose and Revolution Mind for more than 5 years and I can say that David is very professional and knowledgeable about website building and a whole lot more online promotion related functions such as launching a product or a book online, campaign set up, audio and video editing, teleseminar support.

He rescued me and my website from hackers and corrected mistakes other well known internet companies have erroneously committed to various settings of my website. David was there everytime time when I needed him and I thank him genuinely for all the skilled and reliable work he’s done for me and my website over the years.

He is a man of his word, if he says something he’ll do it better than anyone else or any other company I worked with. His services are highly recommended.”

~ George Tohme, Pharmacist and Multiple Book Author